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Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will help you in keeping your one window on top of the other window you are working on.

Think when you are watching a video in a player (let’s take VLC media player) and also working on word or surfing on the internet in maximized mode. So, when you are watching the video and switch to the browser the VLC media player disappears as it went back, behind the browser.

So what you do when you are watching the video and also suffering on internet or working on word???
Possible solution can be:-
1.       Keep on switching the windows.
2.       Resize the window size.
3.       Or do one work at a time.

But now you don’t have to do all this, let see what is the solution to keep the player (or any other window) on top of the other, even after switching the one window to other.

Surfing on the internet but the player is always on the top.

Working on the MS Excel but the Calculator is always on the top.

1st download Always on Top utility, Click here (<200 kb).
Its free utility written in Autohotkey which will stick the any program window to the foreground (on top) of your desktop.

After downloading open the zip file in to your computer

Now run the always-on-top.exe file.

Now select the window you want to keep on top (like in upper example VLC media player window will get selected), after selecting the window press Ctrl + Space Bar this is the shortcut key to stick the window to the foreground of your desktop. Now wherever you want to keep that window in your screen you can keep it, it will come on top of every window. And do all your work without letting hide the other window.

And if you want to disable it press the same shortcut key Ctrl + Space Bar this will disable the sticking.

Thanks to Amit from Digital Inspiration.

Tip: you can also keep more then one window on the top by selecting each window at a time and press Ctrl + Space Bar respectively.

Working on the MS word but keeping the three different window always on the top.

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  1. Its really a wonderful utility. I want to use this type of functionality in my ASP.NET 2.0 application. Can anyone provide me the source code or guide me.

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