What Does USB Stand For?

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will ask and show you something. Today was my first semester online exam (as I told before I am a graphic and Web Designing student) was there and its gone good and even I am passed (we get the result as we submit the paper) just wanted to share with my readers. Anyways back to the point of this post, do you know what dose USB stand for? If yes or no, whatever comes in your mind (you think this can be a full form of USB) do write it down in comment box first then see the below image on What Does USB Stand For. If I truly say when I read the word USB I also started thinking and I know the full form of USB but didn’t came in my mind after thinking a lot and I felt bad for that because I should remember all this things.

Image credit: Info-Graphic and Extra Ordinary

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