Get Your Desired Vanity URL For Your Facebook Pages

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In this post I will tell you how to you can have a vanity URL for your Facebook Pages. Before I told you how you can have a Username for your Facebook profile which is also give you a vanity URL for your Facebook Profile. And by having a vanity URL for your Facebook Pages you can also get a small desired page URL for your Facebook Pages then that long URL with lots of characters and numbered. So it gets good effect on your page and also it effect if you are using it for your business, blog, website and other such work. It gets easy to remember the URL for your visitors.

Here are the steps to get a vanity URL for your Facebook Pages
1.       Go to
2.       Login to your account
3.       After you login go to
4.       There you will see a box written Each Page can have a username
5.       In that box there is a drop-down from which you can select the page for which you want a vanity URL
6.       Now select a page you want
7.       Then you will see a small box have appear where you can type vanity URL you want
For e.g.: if you want then just type Jajodia.Saket

8.       Then click on Check Availability button

9.       If that vanity URL is available for you then you will see a popup if not then choose another vanity URL
10.   In that popup they are telling read it carefully
i)        You can’t change the username of PAGE NAME once you set it.
ii)       You can’t transfer the ownership of a username to another party.
iii)     You can’t violate anyone elses trademark rights.
iv)     If you are acquiring a username to sell it in the future (squatting), you will lose it.
v)      Usernames may be reclaimed for other unauthorized usages.

11.   Now click on Confirm button

Now you can tell your page URL easily and if that page is your official page then you can also use it in your Business Card (Visiting Card)

Note: – Once you have chosen the URL for you page you can’t change it and to get a vanity URL you must have at least 25 fans in your page.

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