How To Auto Digg Your Blog Using RSS Feed

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can auto Digg your blog post using your blog feed. Digg is the one of the top social network to drive traffic to your site and after Digg introduced a new Digg layout and features they also added a feature by which people can auto Digg their posts using Feeds. Now let see how you can do that

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1.       Go to
2.       Login to your account
3.       Now at the top-right corner of the page you will see your profile picture
4.       Beside that there is a drop down click on it
5.       Then go to Settings –> Import Feeds

6.       Now enter your feed URL and choose the topic for your site
7.       Then click on Add Feed button
8.       Now they will ask you to verify by giving a long key
9.       Copy the anyone key (batter to copy is the second one look something like )
10.   And past that key in any of your recent post or in the feed page
11.   Then click on Verify Now button

12.   If the feed didn’t got verify and if you are using FeedBurner then ping your feed then verify again
13.   After if get verified then if you want you can remove that key which you past to verify

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If you have any questions or problem let me know

2 thoughts on “How To Auto Digg Your Blog Using RSS Feed”

  1. Hey, thank for the post.
    I properly added my feed to digg, got it verified. But i just posted a new blog post on my blog and it's not showing in my Diggs.

    The post is correctly shown on my site's RSS feed, (not using feedburner)

    Have any idea why?

    Just followed you on digg


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