Find How A Website Used To Looks Like Years Ago Using Wayback Machine – Internet Archive

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can see how a website used to looks like long time back. If you are eager to know how website (likes Google, Yahoo, MSN and your many others favorite website) looks like 2 years back or even more than a decade (10 years) back. There is a website called Wayback Machine by where you can see any website how they used to look like years back.

Wayback Machine - Internet Archive

Wayback Machine is a website which cache many websites and store on their own server and after 6 months or more after collection becomes available for everyone to view those old looks of any website/webpage. You will probably able to see every page of a website cache on their server.

Let me show you how Google used to look like in 1998.

Google On 02-12-1998 (December 02, 1998)

Note: – There website may take time to load/open.

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