Use Copyscape To Find Who Is Coping Your Content

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can find if anyone copies your text content. I have told you about how you can get backlinks when someone copies your content but while pasting they can edit and remove that backlinks while publishing it on their blog or website. So you can use Copyscape, which will help you in finding what content of your got copied.

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Simply go to type URL of your content (which you want to scan) and they will try to find the website which has copied your content using Google API. Even if the content theft made little changes in your content to make it look original then also Copyscape will find it out and highlight the portion that they have copied. And also guide you to file to DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) so your content can get removed from their blog/website or sometime entire blog/website take down for ever.

Your content is your business. Is it safe?

You can also register to their website for free and get emails when someone copies your content, you can also use there Copyscape free Banners so content theft not able to copy your content. Or buy Copyscape Premium to get many more features like check your content before you publish on web (if you buy contents from others), check up to 10,000 pages (in free account you can only checkup to 500 pages),  check contents use API, etc.

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