Use Dropbox To Find Who Have Stolen Your Laptop Or Mobile Devices

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can find who have stolen your laptop using Dropbox. Dropbox is online service to backup and sharing files with anyone. And if you are using Dropbox then you can also track your laptop, mobile and other such devices.

Secure With Dropbox

If you have used Dropbox and have opened there website then you might know that you can see list of all devices that you have used with your account using Dropbox software. So here’s how you can use Dropbox to track your devices if got stolen.

Just install Dropbox and activate it. Now if your laptop got stolen then you, when thief switch-on your laptop with internet connected, his IP address with automatically get captured by Dropbox and get stored in your Dropbox account. So you can go to Dropbox Account page there click on My Computers and there you will able to see logs of recent login details.

Dropbox Login Details

Now you can open any website which can help you in getting more details with his IP address like what his approximate location, who is ISP (Internet Service Provider), etc. now when you get the details you can go to Cops or contact his ISP. Hope this helps you, if you have any question or problem let me know.

Thanks Ryan for tip.

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