Watch Indian TV Channels Live Online On Your Computer Or Mobile Phone

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In this post I will tell you how you can watch LIVE Indian channels online on your Desktop or on your Mobile phone. Many times it happens that you want to watch something important, your daily soaps or important news but you have to go in some boring party or your wife/children(s) wants to watch TV. Now there MunduTV will help you.

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MunduTV is an online application for your desktop PC, laptop and mobile. All you need an internet connection or GPRS (for mobile) connection according to your uses

  1. For GPRS      – 2.3 MB/10 minutes of viewing
  2. For Wi-Fi/3G  – 9.4 MB/10 minutes of viewing
  3. For Desktop   – 17  MB/10 minutes of viewing

It is available for free to download, it supports Windows and Mac for desktop and laptop users, and for mobile users only Symbian phones will be supported. Apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone devices are coming soon (according to their website). Click here to get the list of supported mobiles.

MuntuTV provides up to 20 Indian TV channels (according to their website more channels will be added in future).

CNBC and NDTV also provides live streaming on their respective website but you can set MunduTV at 4 different sizes 384×288, 480×360, 640×480 and full window mode, you can also set MunduTV as a sticky window (as I told you in one of my previous article) by clicking on down arrow at top-right of the window then select Always on To.

You can use MunduTV for 3 days trial and after that you need to register yourself to extend your trial period for one month then to continue you need to subscribe with them.

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  1. It is palau side because when i click on the ‘watch tv’ then the page is load but do not display anything the page is same which was privious one..

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