Why We Should Use CFL Light Bulbs? In Plain English

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Today in this post I will tell and show you how you can save some of you money and electricity. Most of you must be using bulb in your home which takes lots of electric because f which your electric bill come a lot. Also these days everything is becoming very costly so to save some money and electric you should shift to CFL, also known as Compact fluorescent lamp. Here is a Common Craft video telling you about CFL Light Bulbs.

CFL Light Bulbs
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  1. Did u know fact.. the so called "zero watt bulb" is around 12 to 15 watts(my physics teacher told me). And he also said.. the 10 watt bulb seems to be brighter and takes less power. I do remember him saying something about halogen and tungsten being the reason for more brightness but google that one out 😀

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