Facts About UID (Unique Identity Authority of India Aadhaar Card) By Vishwa Bandhu Gupta

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Today in this post I will tell you the some facts of UID (Unique ID). Last year I have told you about AADHAAR (UID) Project Setup. Unique Identity Authority of India aadhaar card is project where you don’t have to write down all the details or need to fill a form and send it to Government. You just need to tell out your details to the person sitting UID machine, he will type of everything in it and you can also see on the other screen what he/she is typing in respect of your details so that no incorrect information get noted.

But according to Vishwa Bandhu Gupta an ex-Former Income Tax Commissioner, who has done research on UID which he has told in Chauthi Duniya which every Indian should watch it.

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