How You Can Check How Much Your Password Is Secured With Full Detailed Information

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can check your password strength. Almost all of you have an online account, which you have secured by some password which you think is secure but are you very sure that your password is totally secured?

500 most used passwords show as a tag cloud
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I have already given some tips by which you can make your password more secure and also I have told the most common password that most of us use and we should ignore using them. Now here are two ways how you can check how strong your password is.

PasswordMeter lets you check your password and gives you detailed information on your password that you have entered. I have tried one password in two different ways and also got different results with huge difference. I typed my own name (Saket Jajodia) in two ways first was saketjajodia and it got 13% score and the second way I typed was $@ke+_J@jod!@  and it got 100% score.

There is another website called HowSecureIsMyPassword, this will tell you how long a normal computer will take to break your password. And I tried the same above name in same different way tried here this also showed me huge difference saketjajodia will take about 12 years and $@ke+_J@jod!@ will take about 69 million years.

If you have any question or problem let me know.

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