How To Play And Download Google Doodle Pac-Man

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can play Google Mac-Man game. Last year on Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary Google made a doodle on their homepage. That doodle was a Pac-Man game, you could able actually play it on Google homepage and in total 4.8 million hours (near about 547 years) people spend on playing that game on Google homepage.

Google Pac-Man Game Over

Even I spend more than an hour in playing that game before I started writing about it. But if you have missed it or want to play it more than simply go to or if you want to play it offline then you can also download it by going to and there click on Downloads button top-right corner.

Tips: – If you have a friend sitting beside you then he can also join you in playing Pac-Man as it have an option for double play by click on Insert Coin button and Pac-Woman will be added so that it can played by two people. Another payer (Pac-Woman) can play using W key for UP, S key for down, A key for left and D key for right.

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