Play Angry Birds Game For Free In Any Web Browser

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can play Angry Birds for free. If you love to play Angry Birds game and wants to play it on your computer yesterday at Google I/O, Rovio introduced a free version of Angry Birds as web app. Just go to and you will able to play Angry Birds.

Angry Birds cake
Image credit: fonatic71

If you have slow internet connection then you also have an option to play in standard version. if you can also play this game offline, one you have opened this game in your computer they store it in your computer so you don’t have get connected with internet whenever you want to play this game.

You will able to play Angry Birds game in Chrome, Epic, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browser to play this game. I even tried in Opera but game didn’t started even after waiting for half an hour.

From Tips-Box, Use Up and Down arrow key to zoom in and zoom out while playing game.

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  1. in opera its works the thing is taht we have to stay on that page and should not change the page

    the game page should be in active
    than it worksi'm playing in that browser only

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