Reasons Why Blip.TV Is Better Then YouTube

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you about Blip.TV. We all use YouTube to watch, upload and share videos and we hardly go any other website then YouTube for videos but do you know there are website have some good feature which YouTube don’t have and might be it will never have also.


Blip.TV is the website

  1. Bilp.TV support almost all types of video formats
  2. Upload videos of any length till its file size is under 1 GB
  3. Upload videos using their website, FTP or using their free tools
  4. Create your own thumbnail for your each video
  5. Get direct link to your videos and thumbnails
  6. Able to earn from your videos (you will get paid via PayPal)
  7. Get full stats for your video, like where your videos are being watched most, on which website it is being played, how much you have earned and when
  8. Upload more  than one captions to each videos in more than 50 languages
  9. Distribute your video to many other website (e.g.: YouTube, Vimeo, AOL Video, Mefeedia, Blinkx, iTunes, etc. and even in some of the TV shows) just by uploading it to Blip.TV
  10. Make comment without login or using your Disqus, Facebook or Twitter account
  11. Decorate your page on Blip.TV

Yes, in Blip.TV this all features are available for any users for free and there are even more features. These all features are not available in YouTube and I don’t most of these features will ever will be available in YouTube for every user who register to YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Reasons Why Blip.TV Is Better Then YouTube”

  1. I use too. But I was told that I can't make any money on my Youtube videos (when I uploaded them via because in order for me to make some money on my videos, it has to be played via a player. And Youtube has it's own player.

    So if you still want to make money on youtube, you have to be partner. Or hope your friends watch your videos on facebook on a player.

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