Get Detailed Information About Your Local Currency vs. Any Intentional Currency

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can know currency conversion rate. If you are Blogger or a website owner who earns from third-party advertising service like Google AdSense, AdBrite, BSA, etc. and don’t live in US then you would know like to know how much you have earned in your currency because they show income in USD (US Dollar).

Or if you are going to buy/pay for some short of product/service within few weeks in international currency and you would like to get it in as low price as possible then you can read the old chart and find out if it will be cheaper to buy now or in future.

Currency Exchange

Here are few ways and service which tell you the current exchange rate, to show examples I will be using INR (Indian Rupee) and USD (US Dollar).

Search Engine: you can do a simple search USD to INR on Ask, Bing, Google, WolFram Alpha or Yahoo. They will directly tell you exchange rate of the currency you would like to know in the search result page. The rate may not be current rate but it will be close to current rate.

WolFram Alpha: It will show you rate which will be almost close to current rate with some basic info about it and some other popular currency rate.

WolFram Alpha - USD to INR

Google Finance: Google Finance is service by Google Inc. which can give you financial information of world stock market. So it also carries detailed information about currency exchange rate with old charts.

Yahoo Finance: Yahoo Finance is another such service which is by Yahoo Inc. but it contains older chart info then Google Finance dose.

XE: is very popular website for currency conversion rates around the world. It will tell you the exact rate of your currency. You will also able to view this website from your mobile device and can download apps for your iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

XE - The World's Favorite Currency Site