Google Remember Your Old Password And Tells You When You Last Changed It

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how long back you changed your password of your Google Account. Generally when we change our password sometimes we forget that we have changed the password and start typing our old password again and the service provider show nothing but Incorrect ID or Password error. But from this error generally we couldn’t able find that we have changed the password and keep trying again and again.

Your password was changed 7 days ago. Didn't change your password

So to solve this problem Google recently made a change in there login system by which we can find out that when we last changed our password. Even it’s been months sense you last changed your password, Google tell you about it.

For instance if you didn’t changed your password, instead someone else did without your knowledge so if you keep typing your old password you will hardly able to knew that your password is changed, but now in Google you will able to get to know instantly.

Thanks Google OS for the tip.