Create Your Own Twitter Activity Infographic With TweetSheet

When we visit Twitter as info of our Twitter account we only able to know number of tweets we did, number of followers we have and number of people we following. And for more info like who have mentioned you most, which of your tweets got most retweets, etc. you need to put your manual labor effort.

TweetSheet by Vizify

TweetSheet by Vizify will help you without putting any effort, all you need to do is provide this app access to your Twitter account. TweetSheet will create an infographic by calculating and using your last 3200 tweets, as because Twitter doesn’t allow more then via API. It will provide Most-Retweeted Posts, Best Followers (who mentioned you most), Geographical Impact (Only of US), Favorite Themes and your Tweet Activity (your last 12 month tweet activity).

Now only this if you are Angry Bird fan then you will also love to play it on your Twitter infographic. After your infographic page will completely get loaded at the left side of bar chart you will see blue Twitter bird and a slingshot. Can simply drag the bard and through them on your Twitter infographic bar chart and make high points.