How To Create & Use Twitter List

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can create Twitter list. Twitter list is one of the useful features in twitter, Twitter list can help you in making category of people you follow. Like I have a list called My in which I have listed all my Twitter handles (accounts).

Twitter- List me, baby!

How Twitter list can help you

  • You don’t need to follow everyone in your Following timeline
  • You will able to manage to follow everyone’s tweet
  • You can help follow other’s list
  • Other can follow your list
  • You can follow anyone privately
  • Having a list or having in a list can help you in branding and marking yourself or your brand/products

So let show how you can make a public and private list in Twitter

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your account
  3. Now go to persons/brand profile (you go to your own profile) of which you want to add in your list
  4. Click on list button
  5. Select Create a list
  6. List button -- Create a list

  7. Fill out the details like what name you want to give to that list, what that list is about and you want to make that list private (only you can see and follow that list) or for public (anyone can see and follow that list)
  8. Click on Save list button
  9. Create a new list

Now once you have created the list if you want to add more people just visit there profile and click on list button and select the name of the list in which you want to put them into. And generally your list URL will be if you don’t have more than one list of same name.

Twiter lists

You won’t be able to add the people in your list whose tweets are private or who have blocked you on Twitter. To manage all your lists go to

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