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Cross Post With Google-Chrome

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you about a Google Chrome extension which is going to definitely useful for you if you are very active user on Twitter. Twitter is one of the most popular Social Networking site on the internet. And there are bunch of desktop and web client for Twitter user. But I found Chromed Bird a Google Chrome extension one of the best Twitter web client. It provides you more then what you can do using

Chromed Bird Google Chrome Extension

I am a very active user on Twitter and while using this extension I found it very to useful and easy to use. Let see the some features of this extension

  • Upload images from extension itself (, and
  • Shorten long URL using,,,, and many more (also you can use your personal account’s API to shorten your URL)
  • Follow/Unfollow anyone
  • See tweets from any specific user
  • Add and remove tabs of timeline, search, list inside extension
  • View where shorten URL taking you (by hovering over them)
  • View all the Tweets in one tad named Unified
  • You can Compose, Reply, ReTweet, Share, Favorite and Delete tweets
  • Get notification when any nee tweets arrive
  • Search tweets
  • Save your searches and get updates on it
  • When a new tweet is available you will able to see which tweets you have read and which tweets you haven’t
  • Mark all tweets as read in one click
  • Very light in weight
  • See for which tweet it is being replied of
  • Add, Remove, Move as much  tabs you want
  • You can resize it up to 800x600px

And many more

You can customize the setting by going to the option menu. To get this extension Click here

Thanks to @Suhel for the tip.

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