Get Hotmail Alias Email Address Without Creating New Email Account

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Today in this post I will tell you about Hotmail new feature by which you can get additional email address in your existing Hotmail account. Hotmail recently announced a new feature called Hotmail alias.

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It will help you in managing more than one email address in same account you don’t even need to create a new email account for that you can use in your existing Hotmail account.

It will help you like if you want to manage different email address for personal use, professional use and daily newsletters updates. And like if you were asked to give your email address in some websites but you don’t trust (may they can SPAM you) on those websites, so you can create a temporary email address using Hotmail alias so if they SPAM you can delete that email address at any point of time.

To get an alias email address just

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your account
  3. At the left column click on More actions for inbox (when you bring the cursor on Inbox folder)
  4. Select Create a Hotmail alias
  5. Create a Hotmail alias

  6. Type the email address you want
  7. Click on Create an alias button
  8. Create an alias

  9. Now give the name of the folder in which those email will come (or if you want they will come to inbox instead of any separate folder)
  10. Then click on Done button
  11. Great, we're setting up your new alias

Now use that email ID wherever you want. Every time you will create an alias email address you will receive an email Hotmail Team that Your new Hotmail alias is ready.

To delete alias email address

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your account
  3. Go to
  4. Beside ever email address you will see written remove, click on the one you want to remove
  5. Your Hotmail email addresses

  6. Then they will ask you to conform that you want to remove this email address, click on Remove button
  7. Remove an email address

Now your alias email address is removed.

You can only have maximum 5 alias email address in a year and all total you can have 15 alias email address.

Do share with us how you are going to use this new feature.

10 thoughts on “Get Hotmail Alias Email Address Without Creating New Email Account”

  1. I have a problem! I created a new account before I knew about this feature 🙁 is there a way I can use this account as my new alias and receive e-mails in this account?

  2. I just set up a new hotmail account. Then I created an alias email address ****

    1. If I delete it the alias by mistake, can I get it back again? (of course if no one takes it in those few seconds)

    2. If I delete the alias, could I then go and sign up for a hotmail account with that address?

    Reason is, I created a new hotmail account in a username I didn't want, not knowing my preferred one was available (I found out by creating an alias in the name). So I really want to login with my preferred one.

    3. When adding a new email address, I get the option of creating my own email address. What's this mean? I can make up one like or can I link it to a real email address I have from say

    1. Yes, you can have it again in both cases. And for 3rd Q. its not "creating my own email address" its "Add your own email address" that means if you forget your password or something like then it will help you in verify your a/c.

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