Take Backup Online By Sending Mail To BackupElf

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will tell you how you will able to take backup online (backup of anything your files, conversations through emails), just by sending emails. This service is provided by a new website called BackupElf, simple send them your file/massages using any email service.

To use this service you don’t need to fill any form or need to signup. Just send an email to Save@BackupElf.com (with the things you want to take backup of) and they will create your new account automatically as they receive your first mail from your email address. Even if you send them a “Cc:“ instead of putting their ID in “To:” place.

If you have multiple email account you can link all your email account to the one BackupElf account and when you will send anything from those emails which are linked will get stored in your same BackupElf account.

You will get 100MB in trial version (free version) and if you want more than 100 MB you can go for paid account. They have 3 packages for you:

And you don’t have worry about your file as they are all well categorized in different groups (like: images, videos, audios, archive and etc) and all the things are stored in Amazon AWS S3.

Also see their 60 sec video

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