How To Change Your FeedBurner Feed Address Without Losing Your Readers

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can change your FeedBurner feed address without losing your readers. It can be possible that you have a FeedBurner feed URL which you think it doesn’t look good on my blog anymore and you want to change it. For example you have a blog on ( and your feed URL is and now you are shifted to self hosted WordPress blog ( and you want your feed URL is, so how you can do that

Here how you can
1.       Go to or
2.       Login to your account
3.       Open the feed of which you want to change the URL
4.       Click on Edit Feed Details… (on top)
5.       Now change the Feed Address (with the address you want)
Now you have to work quick because your old feed address is now available in public and any one register it after you click on Save Feed Details

6.       After you changed the address click Save Feed Details
7.       Now be quick and go to My Feeds page
8.       Below all your feeds you will see Burn a feed right this instant.
9.       Give you blog feed address
10.   Then click on Next » button
11.   The place of Feed Address give your old feed address
12.   Then click on Next »
13.   Now go My Feeds page

Now you can change the old feed address with new one on your blog and other social pages. Now if you want to your old feed get 301 redirect to new one continue reading with next step or you can leave it like this, your old reader can continue using your old URL if they don’t get to know about new one.

14.   Then click on the feed  you have just created with the old feed address
15.   Now click on Delete Feed… (on top)
16.   Now tick the Use 30 day redirection box
17.   I will suggest you to click on Learn more…. To know everything  about it
18.   Now click on Delete Feed button

Note:- if you 301 redirect your old feed then it your old feed URL will get redirect to the feed address you have given but only for 15 days and after that it will show This feed is no longer active. A new feed is located at “YOUR FEED ADDRESS for next 15 days then after total 30 days get over it will start showing 404 error and maybe anyone else can use it for their feed address.

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