How To Burn (Make) Feeds In FeedBurner

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can burn your feeds in FeedBurner. FeedBurner is one of the most popular web applications to burn your blog feed. They provide features like email notification when you update your blog your reader will get updates from emails, you can also earn by Monetize our content on FeedBurner using Google AdSense, you can track your visitors and you can do many more things with it. Let me tell you how can burn your feed

1.       Go to or
2.       Log in to your Google account (if you don’t have a Google account click here to make one)
3.       Now click give your blog feed (RSS. XML, Atom) URL in the box below Burn a feed right this instant.
4.       Click on Next » button

5.       Now give your feed name (generally it will be your blog name)
6.       And give the address you want for your feed after (try to use your site or domain name in address)
7.       Click on Next » button (if the feed address you chose is already take then you will be asked for choose a new address)

8.       Now you will see a page that conform that your feed is ready
9.       Click on Next » button

10.   Now tick the box if you want to
i)        tack the number of clicks you got in your FeedBurrner (if you want tick 1st box)
ii)       how many people are download (like: PDF and all) from your post (if you want tick 2nd box)
if you want to track your post on FeedBurner (if you want tick 3rd box)

11.   Click on Next » button

Now your feed is ready now you can give your feed link to whomever you want. Your feed link will be something like this

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