How Minors (Under The Age Of 18) Can Earn And Get Cheque From AdSense

As we say talent got no age limitation, these days’ children are more talented than their elders. I have seen many kids at the age of 12 they started their own blogging and they are also getting good amount of traffic, even some of them are getting more then what I get. As they are blogging and looking at other adult bloggers also who are earning from their blog and making their living from it, so sometimes young bloggers might also want that they can earn from their blog and get some extra pocket money or to they can also save that income to buy some of their favorite games and all for which their parents might have told them not to buy it now as it is too expensive.

Minor Earning Dreams

As they are minor (below the age of 18) they have got some restriction and limitation on them, because of which most of them think they can’t earn from their blog. But it’s not true they can earn online almost as a normal adult earn.

There are many ways one can earn, by showing ads on their blog, by doing affiliate marketing through their blog, by writing contents for other blog and get paid for it, etc.

When I started this blog, even I was under the age of 18, I was just 2-3 months less to become 18 but then also I used one of my family member name, who is adult (with their permission) to apply for an AdSense account.

In case if you have already applied for an AdSense account using your own name (even when you are minor) and earned $100 or more from that account you don’t have to worry just ask your parents or guardian to open an bank account on your name as minor and when you will receive your AdSense cheque simply get that cheque deposited in your bank in which you have got your bank account as minor.

*However in AdSense T. and C. it’s written that you can’t apply for an AdSense account yourself if you a minor, you need to ask your parents or guardian to apply for an AdSense account under their Google account.

These are the two ways which will work for almost every method of online and offline earning.