How To Test And Optimize Your Blog Or Website Loading Time

If you are a webmaster then you must have known that how much loading time of a webpage matters. As it will help your readers to view your webpage faster, help them save more time to do more productive works, save their bandwidth cost, helps in getting less HTTP request to load one webpage and the main thing is, it is also one of the 100s of factors to increase your ranking in Google search engine results.

But most of you might don’t know how you can work on your blog or website loading time Google Page Speed will help you. You can use Google Page Speed in many ways, it is available for your Chrome and Firefox web browser and even as an online version to test your blog or website.

Google Page Speed Online - Make your web site faster

When you will give a website URL to Google Page Speed it will scan that website completely and it will give an overall score to that website out 100. It will also tell you on what basis it has given you that score and how you can recover all those scores that your website didn’t received.

By following Google Page Speed optimization tips you can decrease your website loading time more than 60% or in other words after optimization it will take almost half of the time to load in compare to before optimization loading time. Few days back this blog had scored 76 but after following some of their optimization tips now this blog has 80-82 (don’t know why the score is not stable for my blog after optimization, its unusual) but my website loading time almost decreased by 61%.

You can test your blog or website after each change to see the result as they will re-check each time you will ask them to. You will also able to optimize mobile version of your website.

Tip:- While optimizing always first try to solve out High priority then Medium priority after that solve Low priority and at last if you wish to solve then work on with Experimental rules also. It is recommended many people that our blog or website should at least get 90 or more in overall Page Speed Score.