Fully Test Your Website Performance With WebPageTest

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can test your website speed. If you are looking for a service by which you can know how much time your blog or website is taking to load because as we all Google is very obsessed about speed and site speed is one of their algorithm to rank pages in search results.


To improve your website speed you need to know what is loading, what is taking too much time to load, etc. So to solve your problem there is a website called WebPageTest which gives you detailed info about your blog or website, about each and every file which is being loaded, every request which is being made to the server, how many error it got while loading, performance review, Content breakdown by MIME type and domains, screen shots, status massage and many other detailed info which will help you to improve our site performance.

You can test your website’s Analytical Review, Visual Comparison, Mobile and Traceroute. Simply go to WebPageTest.org, select what you would like to test and give URL of your blog or website.