How To Solve Authentication (SSL) Certificate Errors In Windows PC

It might have happen with that most of your applications stop working and start showing error that they couldn’t able to establish secure connection with their server because difference between their server time and your computer time. In general you will see this type of error in your GTalk, DropBox, Microsoft Security Essentials etc. even you may face problem when you will try to login to your account  where they need to make secure connection.

Connection Error

It happens because when your computer date and time doesn’t work correctly and which causes invalid SSL Certificate date. It likely to happen, when your computer CPU battery (a.k.a. CMOS battery or motherboard battery) life ends and it doesn’t work anymore and needed to be replaced. It helps your computer to show correct time every time when start your computer.

So by the time when you can replace your CMOS batter, whenever you switch on your computer you need to set your computer date and time manually by doing the following steps:-

  1. Right-click on time (at bottom-right corner of your computer in Taskbar)
  2. Select Adjust date/time
  3. Click on Change date and time… button
  4. Set the correct date and time and then click on OK button
  5. Date and Time Settings

While writing this article when I changed my computer time settings to some different date and time, I got logged out from each and every website where I have signed in, couldn’t able to open Gmail login page and also couldn’t able to login to many websites. It happened because all my browser cookies got expired and was not working even after I set the correct time and even after clearing the browser cookies. To solve I needed to restart my web browser and again login to all my accounts and also needed to do 2-Step Verification for my every Google account.