How To Synchronize Your Computer Time With Internet Server Time (NTP)

When you buy a new computer you will notice that the time is not correct, if it is then your engineer has already set the correct time. So if want to show your computer accurate time and you have an internet connection then you can simply sync your computer time with Internet Time Server (a.k.a Network Time Protocol or NTP).

All you need to do is

  1. Right-click on time (at bottom-right corner of your computer in Taskbar)
  2. Select Adjust date/time
  3. Internet Time tab
  4. Click on Change settings…
  5. Date and Time -- Internet Time -- Change settings

  6. Check Synchronize with Internet time server
  7. Now from Server drop-down select anyone of the below
  8. Then click on Update now button, to check if it is able to update from that server or not. If it showed an error “An error occurred while Windows was synchronizing with” then you need to try with different server.
  9. After it got synchronized then click on OK button to save the changes

If you still see the incorrect time in your computer then you need to check whether your time zone is set in your computer is correct or not. That you will able to check from Date and Time tab. It will also help you in solving problems to run any desktop-online app (like GTalk) because if your computer tile is not set correctly then those apps don’t work.