How To Find Out Who Created A Particular Blog Theme

Sometimes when we search for a theme for our blog, we try to find theme which suits best for our blog and sometimes we came around few themes which are being already used on other blogs. But you don’t know which theme they are using, what is the name of that theme, who made that theme, etc. So to know these information there are many ways, here let me tell few ways listing below.

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  1. Check the footer credit:
  2. Most of the theme creators mention theme name, their own name or blog name at the footer of every page, especially when those themes are available for free (e.g.: this blog’s footer also contain credit part of theme creator).

  3. View the source code:
  4. Theme creators sometimes also mention their theme details in HTML comment, you will able to view them by viewing the source code. This blog also had but I have removed it to decrease the loading time, I removed from HTML comment as credit to the theme creators are already given at the footer of my blog.

  5. Visit WhatWPThemeIsThat website:
  6. In case if a blog don’t have theme name or its creator name in footer and if you also don’t know how and where to find in source code then you can find using All you need to do is mention any blog URL on WhatWPThemeIsThat website and it will try to find all the details from that blog and will return them to you within few minutes (Note: – it can only find theme details only from WordPress powered blog).  In case if couldn’t able to find then most probably that blog is not WordPress powered blog or blog owners made the details hidden for security reasons or it can be also possible that it is a custom WordPress theme.

Hope this will help you in finding who is the creator of that theme and if you know any other than please do let us know by commenting below.