Find How Many RSS Feed Subscribers Any Blog Have With FeedBurner

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can view how many feed subscriber other blogs have. If you are interested in knowing how many subscribe any blog have and they use FeedBurner for their feed readers then you can know it very easily from a feature of FeedBurner called FeedCount.

FeedCount can helps to let know our readers and advertiser how many Feed readers we have in our blog. If it is not enabled then you may not able to know many Feed readers any particular blog have.

Generally every blog have their FeedBurner Feed URL looks like this you just need to add ~fc/ after and it will look like this Now after going to this URL you will able to see how many feed readers they have.

Saket Jajodia's FeedCountSaket Jajodia

In-Face-Book's FeedCountIn-Face-Book

In-Google-Me's FeedCountIn-Google-Me

Info-Graphic's FeedCountInfo-Graphic

If you want to enable it in your blog go to Publicize –> FeedCount from there you can enable it for your FeedBurner feed.

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