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Today in this post I will tell you how you can disable one very annoying feature in Gmail. Gmail have rolled out a new settings option by which you can disable auto-add contacts. Whenever you send an email to someone Gmail automatically adds that Email address to your contact list without taking your permission, which causes increment of unwanted Email addresses in our contact list. And it creates problem especially when you sync your Gmail contact details in your Phone or somewhere else.

Create contacts for auto-complete option

To turn this annoying thing off simply go to Settings (in your Gmail account) –> General tab –> scroll down and search for Create contacts for auto-complete option –> Select I’ll add contacts myself radio button –> now scroll down to bottom of the page and click on Save Changes.

Google also added some features and options in Gmail like

Better warnings for typos in email addresses:
When you type incorrect email like you missed a dot (.) in an email address (instead of admin@sjbn.co, you typed admin@sjbnco), they will warn you when you click on send button

Keyboard shortcut guide for everyone:
Many of you might don’t know Gmail have many shortcut keys so you can press Ctrl+? and pop-up will open which will give you full list of shortcut keys and option to Disable/Enable shortcut keys.

If you have any question or problem let me know.

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