Google Advertised Chrome In Indian Newspaper

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Sorry everyone but I couldn’t able to update daily these days, as because I am a student of class 12 and also the student at Arena Animation for Graphic and Web Designing and got exams and project works, so I don’t get time to update these days and also won’t be able to regular for more 2-3 weeks, again sorry for that.
Anyways today Google have tried something new in Indian press advertising industry by doing a full page advertisement of a Web Browser (Google Chrome browser). In most of the daily read English newspapers, in case the ad didn’t came in your newspaper then here is a look of it.

I have a Q is that to whom Google targeting by advertising it on Wednesday not on weekends.

Volkswagen Audio Newspaper Ads In Times Of India (TOI)

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will tell you about a new innovative ad in a printed newspaper. This morning (21st Sept 2010) the readers of Times of India (TOI) newspaper where got an innovative ad by Volkswagen in the last page of paper. The ad looks like a regular full page ad, as people turned to the last page of newspaper the ad start taking by itself.

This ad goes on playing with endless loop till you close the paper. Every paper caring a small thin speaker (see in the below image). According to livemint this ad cost `7crore.

Reading the online reactions, most people seem to have been left impressed by Volkswagen’s marketing though the ad did create some confusion at one of the airports as bhatnaturally points out:

That Volkswagen ad with audio chip - caused a minor scare among the trolley crew in Bengaluru Airport. Unclaimed paper with noise - staff were nervy
via Digital Inspiration, video and image credit: MIND AT WORK

Update: Here is a picture of the audio chip that came inside the newspaper (TOI)

Image Credit: poeticgooner