How To Host Files On

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can host files using 110MB allows you to host total 110MB of files, you will get 100GB bandwidth, you will able to edit any HTML, PHP and many other type of files online, and the main thing you will able manage your files easily. logo

Let see how you can host

  1. Go to
  2. Signup for an account (if you have an your account then skip to step  7)
  3. Click on Get a FREE ACCOUNT BUTTON (at the bottom-left corner of the page)
  4. GET A FREE ACCOUNT button

  5. Fill the form according to you and click on Create My Account Now!
  6. Fill the form according to you and click on Create My Account Now!

  7. Now verify your account by going to your email account (of which you have given while registration) also check your spam folder if you can’t find the mail
  8. While verifying your account they will ask fill a form (you need to fill that form)
  9. After you verify your account go to and login to your account
  10. Now click on File Manager image under SITE MANAGMENT TOOLS
  11. File Manager image under SITE MANAGMENT TOOLS

  12. Select Upload files –> Choose Files
  13. Now navigate and select the you want upload
  14. Then click on Upload button
  15. 110MB File Manager

Now your file is uploaded and the URL of the file will be

If you want to ask anything or have any problems do let me know.

How To Verify Your HostGator Account Using Skype?

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today I am going to help you in verifying your HostGator hosting Account. Few days back I have buy a hosting account from HostGator and my account got active instant but after two days when I was trying to login to my HostGator account I couldn’t able to. I was gating an error Login Attempt Failed! So I got worried a lot, I have tried to login at least five times wondering maybe I am typing my password wrong.

But even after that when I couldn’t able to login to my account in my mind many things where coming like did they disable my account? or am I got hacked? and many other such things where coming. Then I remember they also have Live Chat service so I tried to contact with them through there Live Chat service then they told that I have to verify my account and I must have got an e-mail regarding account verification so I instantly opened my e-mail and checked that do I have received any such mail, after when I show that mail then I relaxed for five minutes as because I was worried very much about it then I read that mail that what I have to do to verify my account. Here what they mailed me


Thank you for your order with!

In order for us to setup your account, we will need you to call in and verify your billing information.

If you are unable to call us, you can instead respond to this ticket with a scanned copy of a Photo ID such as a passport, or drivers license. In addition to a photo ID, please include a scanned copy of the credit card that was used in your account purchase  (assuming you purchased a hosting account with a credit card). For security purposes you can mask off all the digits of the card number except for the last 4 digits.

Please provide us with the above requested information at your earliest convenience to ensure that your account with HostGator is setup as soon as possible.

Toll-free: 1-866-96-GATOR, extension 1010
International: 001-713-574-5287

We are available 24/7, so please feel free to call us at your convenience. We apologize for any inconveniences that may result from this process.

Now I was wondering that if I called them it will going to cost me Rs.9/min (approx) and don’t know how much time will they take to verify. So I show what the other option I have to verify. Other option was to give the scan copy of my ID proof (issued by Govt.) and Credit card. And I don’t have my Credit Card I have used someone else card but due to some personal reason even I couldn’t able to send the scan copy of Credit card. Next day in my mind came I can try using Skype as they have option to call all over the world might I can try there Toll-free and if it worked it wont cost me anything.

As it came in my mind instantly
1.       I opened my Skype application
2.       Logged into my account
3.       Gone to call option (where I can dial the number)
4.       I selected US as country code
5.       Dialed there number

As it started ringing I got so happy as because I saved my money in making an international call. And when they verify it took 5 to 6 minutes to verify that mean I saved near about Rs.45  😀

Hope now you got how you can also save your money in verifying your HostGator account.

How A Web Browser Works?

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will show you a comic image of how a web browser works. This nice comic illustration is done by Vlad Gerasimov Continue reading How A Web Browser Works?