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Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I am going to tell you how you can convert any printable file to PDF file.

To convert any printable fine in PDF, 1st might you need to download two softwares (CutePDF and GPL Ghostscript). To download go to the download page by Clicking here, there in left column you will see 3 icons (as shown in below image).

Click on the 3rd icon to download both the software (recommended)
Click on the 1st cone to download only CutePDF
Click on the 2nd icon to download only GPL Ghostscript

After downloading the software, install it in your computer. Now open the file which you want to convert it into PDF and print that file or press Ctrl + P (shortcut key for printing). Now select the CutePDF Writer icon and click on Print.

Now a popup will appear, by which you can save your file in PDF navigate the folder in which you want save it then click on Save button to save it. And its DONE

Let us know if you have any problem with and what you think about it…

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  1. @Mohsin Mohammed<br />In the software you told (Universal Document Converter) they give the waremark in the file but in this one (CutePDF) they don't give watermark.

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