How To Make Desktop Slideshow

We all have wallpaper set on our desktop weather its default or family photo or some random scenery. And most people hardly or never care to change it even if they are using the same wallpaper from many weeks or months. But if you are one of those who likely to change their wallpaper very frequently and if you use Windows 7 then you should start using Desktop slideshow.

Win7 Themes

Here how you can use Desktop slideshow:

  1. Make a folder and put all the images which you want in your Desktop slideshow
  2. Go to your Desktop (press Windows key + D)
  3. Right-click on it, and select Personalize
  4. Personalize

  5. Select Desktop Background
  6. Desktop Background

  7. Click on Browse… button
  8. Navigate the folder (where all the images are which you want in your desktop slideshow)
  9. After you have navigated it, select that folder and click on OK button
  10. Navigate the folder where all the images are

  11. By default all the images will be selected
  12. Now you press and hold Ctrl, then click on the image you want in your slideshow (to select/deselect images)
  13. select or deselect the image

  14. Now set the Picture position (how your picture positioning will be)
  15. Picture position

  16. Set the Change picture every (after how long your wallpaper will change in your desktop)
  17. Select Shuffle checkbox if you want wallpaper to change randomly instead of alphabetically or numerically from selected image
  18. Change picture every and Shuffle

  19. Then click on Save Changes button
  20. Save Changes button

Now your desktop wallpaper will change automatically in ever certain period of time that you have set.

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