How To Setup FeedDemon On Your Computer

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can setup FeedDemon on your computer. I never used any RSS reader before, I tried Google Reader but got little confused (though it is easy to use but not worked for me) then few days back I installed desktop based feed reader called FeedDemon on my computer and I am quite happy with it I found it very useful, user friendly, easy to use desktop feed reader.

FeedDemon Logo

You can also add your Twitter and Facebook feeds. And the best thing is you can browse any websites in it (as because it has Internet Explorer embedded in it). FeedDemon also lets you sync with your Google Reader account.

So let see how you can install FeedDemon on your computer

  1. Go to
  2. Download FeedDemon on your computer
  3. After it get downloaded double-click on the file you just downloaded
  4. Select Express Setup to install it in C:\Proframs Files\ FeedDemon (then after step 6, skip to step 13)
  5. Or select Custom Setup to choose your own location to install

  6. Now select I have read and accept the licensee agreement (click on View licensee agreement to read agreement)
  7. Click on Next > button
  8. FeedDemon - Thanks for Using FeedDemon!

  9. Click on Browse… button (and navigate and select the folder in which you want to install)
  10. Now click on Next > button
  11. FeedDemon - Select Destination Location

  12. If you don’t want a shortcut in Start –> All Programs select Don’t create a Start Menu folder
  13. Click on Next > button
  14. FeedDemon - Select Start Menu Folder

  15. Select Create a Desktop icon and Create a Quick Launch icon, if you want to create shortcut icon on your Desktop or Quick Launch respectively
  16. Click on Next > button
  17. FeedDemon - Select Additional Tasks

  18. Now click on Install button
  19. FeedDemon - Ready to Install

  20. After it get install click on Finish button
  21. FeedDemon - FeedDemon Setup Completed

  22. Now a new window will open
  23. Click on Next > button
  24. FeedDemon - FeedDemon

  25. If you want to sync with your Google Reader account select Yes, enabled Synchronization otherwise select No, don’t enabled Synchronization (then after step 18, skip to step 22)
  26. Click on Next > button
  27. FeedDemon - Google Reader Synchronization

  28. Give your Google Reader account user ID and Password (or your Google account if you don’t have and want to sync it with your account)
  29. Click on OK button
  30. FeedDemon - Please enter your Google Reader login.

  31. After it get sync with FeedDemon click on OK button
  32. FeedDemon - Synchronizing...this may take a minute...

  33. Now they will ask you if you want them to add any RSS feed for you
  34. You can select according to your need (I will suggest you to select 1st option)
  35. Click on Next > button
  36. FeedDemon - Subscriptions

  37. After it get imported click on Finish button
  38. FeedDemon - Importing subscriptions...

    FeedDemon - Finished

Now press Ctrl+N or File –> New Subscription to subscribe more feeds to FeedDemon. And to subscribe to all my blogs to your FeedDemon File –> Import/Export –> Import Feeds select Import an OPML file and copy-past this URL http://img.SJbn.Co/feeds.opml, now it will subscribe you to all my blog’s feed.

If you have used it before then do share your views on it.

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