How To Use To Track Your Visitors In Real-Time

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can use to track your visitors in real-time. If you are using Google Analytics to track your visitors on your blog or website then you must don’t get real-time stats about the traffic on your blog/website. Using you will able to track your visitors real-time but you won’t get full insight about your visitors like you can get in Google Analytics (or any other).

You will get basic stats about your visitors like how many visitors are online, on which page they are on, from which country and city they are coming from in your blog or website and you can also see the past stats of your blog or website.

Let see how you can use it

  1. Go to
  2. Set the settings according to you (you can see the demo also where it will appear)
  3. Copy the code in yellow box
  4. - settings, code, demo

  5. Now past that code just after opening <body> tag or just before closing </body> tag

Note: – The code should appear in every page of your blog or website otherwise it will not give the correct stats

How to use code WordPress blog

  1. Go to the Dashboard –> Appearance –> Editor (of your blog)
  2. Now click on header.php (in right side bar)
  3. Search for <body> tag
  4. Just after the <body> tag past the code
  5. Click on Update File button to save it

How to use code blog

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your account
  3. Go to Design –>Edit HTML (for the blog in which you want to use)
  4. Search for <body> tag
  5. Just after the <body> tag past the code
  6. Click on SAVE TEMPLATE button

Now go to your blog or website and see if you can see the red color box. If you can’t see the box clear your browser cache or press Ctrl+R to clear the cache for that page. And to see the stats click on that image (or button if you want to tell).

You can also have custom designs also colors like in Map, in different colors, and more Click here to see.

If you have you used it before do tell us what you think about it

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  1. some days ago your red tags started showing up on my yahoo email. I have not put any html on the site. These tags will not let me fill out forms and they cover part of the messages where they appear. why did this happen and how do I get rid of them. When I click on them they go to the who’s amung us site (dashboard)

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