Hide Gridlines In Google Docs Spreadsheets

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can hide gridlines in Google Docs. Most of you must be using Google Docs spreadsheet to make your account data and other stuffs. But sometime you must wanted to hide gridlines and want a plane sheet in Google Docs spreadsheet

Google Docs spreadsheet Hide gridlines - Information

Just open your Google Docs spreadsheet and click on View –> Hide gridlines and you are done. Now you will get your plane, neat spreadsheet.

Google Docs spreadsheet Hide gridlines - View -- Hide gridlines

One thought on “Hide Gridlines In Google Docs Spreadsheets”

  1. horrible workaround as follows. u have two pages. #1 is where you currently have embedded a google spreadsheet. #2 is a new page.

    embed yr spreadsheet in #2

    use #2 as iframe src for #1

    you can now change the css in #1 coz the referenced page is not fr another domain. to hide gridlines, turn all borders to 0px.

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