How To Manage Your Google Ads Preferences

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Today in this post I will tell you about Google Ads Preferences. Google Ads Preferences let you manage what types of ads you want to see while surfing internet (on websites which use Google Advertising Programs). So you can choose which the category of ads you are interested in and want to see or you can completely turn off category based ads.

Google Ads Preferences

Let see how you can set your preferences

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Add categories button (if you can’t see click on Opt in button)
  3. Now click on Add beside every categories you are interested in
  4. If you want to Remove click on Remove beside every category you want to remove
  5. Click on Submit button
  6. Google Ads Preferences - Add categories

  7. If you totally want to remove interest based ads click on Opt out button
  8. Google Ads Preferences - Make the ads you see on the web more interesting

Now till you don’t clear your browser Cookies our preferences will be saved.

Or see this video to know more about Google Ads Preferences manager

If you are having problem in viewing the videos Click here.

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