Share Your Screen In Presentation Mood (With Multiple people) Using TeamViewer

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can share your screen with multi people on TeamViewer. If you are going to do a presentation or you are computer teacher and want to show your students something on your screen or you want to share your screen with few friends who are sitting in front of their computer from different countries and to share your screen with everyone’s computer you can use TeamViewer’s Presentation mood.

TeamViewer window

TeamViewer’s Presentation mood lets you share your screen with more than one people and it also lets other to control your screen or if you don’t want them to control you can turn it off and in place of their cursor a yellow color arrow will come. Let see how you can share

  1. Open TeamViewer
  2. Click on Presentation tab
  3. Give respective person’s TeamViewer ID (with whom you want to share your screen)
  4. Click on Add Participants button
  5. TeamViewer Presentation tab

  6. Now they will ask your to give password, type the respective person’s TeamViewer Presentation tab password (ask from the respective person with whom you want to share your screen)
  7. Click on Log On button
  8. Log On button

Now that person can able to see your screen on his/her computer and you have to repeat the same process again and again depending on number of computers you want to share with. From right side bar you will able to control that who can have access to control your screen. But this will not help you much if you want to share your screen with many people. If you have any people or question let me know.

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