How To Use TeamViewer

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can use TeamViewer. You can use TeamViewer in many ways it let you remotely access on another computer, helps in transferring files from one computer to another, etc. So let see how you can use it

TeamViewer window

  1. Open TeamViewer (if it is not on your computer download and run it)
  2. After TeamViewer start, it will look something like this
  3. TeamViewer window

  4. If you want to share your screen (or transfer file) with someone else then give your TeamViewer‘s ID and Password (you will get left side of window) to person with whom you want to share
  5. And if you want to access on someone’s else screen (or transfer file) then ask for TeamViewer’s ID and Password of that person
  6. And now give ID in place of Partner ID
  7. Select Remote control (for sharing screen), File transfer (for sharing any files) or VPN according to your requirement
  8. Click on Connect to partner button
  9. Now you will be asked to give Password (type password given by the person, who gave you ID)
  10. After you type password ,click on Log On button
  11. Log On button

Hope this helped you in learning how you can use TeamViewer. If you have any questions or problem let me know.

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  1. Saket,
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  2. Mahadeva B Gowda,
    Many thanks for this article about TeamViewer. We are looking forward to step about how to transfer voice mail

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