Add Floating Videos On Twitter With BubbleTweet

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can tweet videos instead of tweeting 140 characters of text. Why always say in text even by which we can’t show or see any feeling we have, you can show and see in video instead of just 140 characters of text in a tweet.

BubbleTweet is a nice way to share more than just 140 characters of text (which shows no feelings). BubbleTweet lets you create Bubble Videos on your BubbleTweet profile which will float on your profile and after your video gets finish it will pops and get vanish, same as a bubble vanish.

BubbleTweet logo

It lets you upload or directly record from your webcam, you can upload or record videos of up to one minute only. After it get upload/record you will get a link which you can tweet, put it on your profile, post it, email it or send it to whomever you want. If you face problem in recording video see this page.

As they will visit that link they will see a bubble floating on the page and it will start playing immediately as page complete loading and as the video gets finish it will pops and get vanish, same as a bubble vanish.

If BubbleTweet team is reading this post of mine, I will suggest to, make the video limitation up to 140 seconds instead of sixty seconds.

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