Check Whether Your Mobile Number Is Registered (Activated) For DND (Do Not Disturb) Or Not

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can check whether a mobile number have DND activated or not. If you requested for DND (Do Not Disturb) on your mobile number or you have activated DND from long time on your mobile number and still getting lots of promotional calls and SMS and want conform that your DND have got activated or not. So here how you can check

National Do Not Call Registry - Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

Go to and click on DND Registration Check button, now give your mobile number and click on Search button. Now if you show your mobile number details are mentioned over there that means your DND has been activated and if you can’t find any details in that page it means your DND is not activated.

Even after your mobile number is registered to DND and you receive promotional calls and SMS you can complain to your Service Provider and ask them to look into this. If you have any question or problem let me know.

8 thoughts on “Check Whether Your Mobile Number Is Registered (Activated) For DND (Do Not Disturb) Or Not”

  1. I want to deactivate dnd from my number(tata docomo).how can i do it.and what time it takes to deactivate? And how can i know that ?

  2. to deactivate DND follow this step; just message;
    STOP DND and send it to 1909. You dont have to do anything else…

  3. Hi if my number register in DND means for that may i get wrong numbers ah?i want one help how some one send wrong msg to me?how they get my numbers can you tell me?

  4. hi, every one
    this is satya,from andhra pradesh.i'm porting from airtel to docomo recently, my number is activated in dnd, when i call to docomo customer care they said dnd is not activated on ur account. when i check in web it showing dnd is activated in my number. in one of the site my number is activated in airtel network, how to deactivate dnd in airtel, i called to airtel customer care also but they didnt do any thing. how can overcome this.

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