How To Generate Lorem Ipsum (Dummy Text) Inside Microsoft Office Word Document

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can insert lorem ipsum in Microsoft Office Word whiteout visiting any website. I have told you about lorem ipsum, it is used as a dummy text written in Latin, which have no actual meaning. And it is the most preferable dummy text to use.

And if you are working on a presentation and you need some dummy text in it, so you don’t have search on internet for some dummy text, you can generate inside Microsoft Word.

Lorem Ipsum In Microsoft Office Word 2007

Just type =lorem() in starting of a paragraph, press enter and there you go, you got lorem ipsum as your dummy text. It will generate three paragraphs and if you want to make specific to the numbers of paragraph and lines, see below

=lorem(Numbers Of Paragraph, Total Number Of Lines)

For instance =lorem(3,16) will generate 3 paragraphs and total 16 lines (or sentences). This is available on Microsoft Office 2007 onwards.

If you are using older version of Microsoft Office then use =rand() it will generate some dummy text but it will be not lorem ipsum. If you have any question or problem let me know.

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