How To Get Google+ (Plus) Invitation

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will give you all invitation of Google+ (Plus). Couple of days back Google launched a new Social Networking website called Google+ (Plus) which is also being called Facebook killer. So today I finally got the invitation of Google+ and thought of sharing it with my readers also.

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So if you didn’t have the invitation of Google+ till now, so get one today from here by doing three very easy things

  1. Join us on Facebook
  2. Share this blog post on Facebook, while sharing make sure you change the sharing option to Everyone (so that it can get verified that you have shared)


  1. Follow us on Twitter
  2. Tweet this blog post on Twitter, make sure that your Twitter profile is not private

And then comment below with the link of your Facebook share or Twitter Tweet and you will get your Google+ invitation. After you get an email from me, there you will see a button called Learn more about Google+, click on it and fill the form to start using Google+. Note that while commenting make sure that in Mail field you type your correct email address.

The second step is very important so that your friends, family and other people can also join Google+ because even if you get the invitation you won’t be able to enjoy it till you don’t have many people in your circle.

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Note: – You need to have a Gmail account to use Google+.

138 thoughts on “How To Get Google+ (Plus) Invitation”

  1. I think that google plus will be just as good as facebook.Could you send me an invite so i can try it out

  2. Please send a invitation to Me…its a nice move….
    j********* , thanks

  3. Hello,

    would you send me a google+ invitation ?

    Thanks a lot to you.

    Have a nice day


  4. thank you i have entered to the site… but now the problem is i cannot invite my friends…. will you please tell me how you do this? :d thanks again….. πŸ™‚

      1. I didnt get any invitation on my mail… I did get a mail but there is no link for G+ invitation… Try me how to initiate it…

  5. your blog post tweeted here…!/varun_rtnkr

    waiting for that invite..hehe..

  6. Love your blogs/ sites/ how to’s.
    Ill share with all. Invite would be appreciated. If not, keep up all the hard work.

    1. Sorry. Here's the link to the actual tweet:!/Lindazilla/status/88307827537477632

  7. hey i,ve followed all the steps written above now can i have my g+ invitation please dude

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