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Today in this post I will give list of all Twitter’s official accounts. If you are search for a Twitter’s official account of on Twitter or a list of all Twitter’s official accounts so that you can follow and get updates and support from them. So here I have made list of all Twitter’s official accounts by their category.

Twitter EarlyBird

Products and Service

@  –  Here. There. Anywhere.
@CleverAccounts  –  Follow us to learn about interesting uses of Twitter from across the world. @mention us if you have your own use case!
@  –  Tweets from the Twitter Design Team.
@  –  The Twitter Platform Team, talking amongst themselves.  **
@  –  Always reading and sharing news about Twitter. Curated by @twitterglobalpr.
@  –  Top Tweets algorithmically selects and retweets some of the most interesting tweets spreading across Twitter. Enjoy!
@  –  Twitter’s Translator Community. Got questions? Please follow us and send us a DM! Thanks.
@  –  Always wondering what’s happening.
@  –  The Real Twitter API. I tweet about API changes, service issues and happily answer questions about Twitter and our API. Don’t get an answer? It’s on my website.
@  –  Twitter for your business, community group, government organization or school
@  –  The official account for Twitter Engineering.
@twitterglobalpr  –  Talking to everyone, all at once!
@  –  Tracking cool, meaningful uses of tweets in media and journalism. Send us tips!
@  – Updates on Twitter for mobile
@  –  We are Twitter Search! Follow us for search tips and news about cool features. Tweet us your ideas, feedback, and questions.
@  –  Accounts verified by Twitter.


@  –  Collecting your ideas and feature requests!
@  –  If you have problems with Twitter on Mobile send us a DM or file request here -
@  –  Twitter’s Trust and Safety Updates!
@  –  Suspect Twitter spam? Let us know (! Follow @spam & @safety for helpful info, and check out our favorite tips:
@  –  Always wondering how we can help you! (Make sure you are following us if you’d like a response to your DM).
@  –  *
@  –  Twitter Suggests sends you personalized suggestions with accounts to follow. Enjoy!

Different Countries

@  –   San Francisco, CA
@  –  ट्विट्टर – The official Twitter India account
@  –  日本語版Twitterサイトの運営を手伝ってます。
@  –  We’re your one stop shop for anything University related. That means campus outreach, student advice/tips, & of course, our University Recruiting efforts!
@  –  Der offizielle deutsche Twitter Account!———
@  –  ¡Bienvenidos a la cuenta oficial de Twitter en español!
@  –  Bienvenue au compte officiel de Twitter en France ! Pour plus d’infos rendez-vous sur !
@  –  Akun Komunitas Twitter di Indonesia. Ikuti kami untuk kiat dan pembaruan dari Twitter serta berita-berita menarik tentang hal-hal yang terjadi di Indonesia.
@  –  L’account ufficiale di Twitter in italiano!
@  –  트위터 관련 다양한 소식을 전해드리는 공식 트위터 대한민국 계정입니다! (문의는 @dowoomi를 팔로우하시고 쪽지로 보내주셔야만 답변을 받으실 수 있습니다)
@  –  Community-account van Twitter Nederland. Volg ons voor updates en nieuws van/over Twitter in Nederland.
@  –  Bem-Vindos à conta oficial do Twitter em português! à conta oficial do Twitter em português!


@  –  Twitter’s Developer Conference, April 14 and 15, 2010
@  –  Earlybird Offers *
@  –  A Twitter wine project that promotes literacy around the world.
@  –  Highlighting forces of good in the Twitter community.
@  –  Twitter Recruiting: Find info about who we’re hiring, what we’re doing and why you should come and work here! Check out for more
@  –  The trials and tribulations of Twitter’s 1st class of interns, also known as the ‘Terns’. Find out what they’re working on and why you should join the flock.
@  –  Sports related tweets from around the world.

If you want to follow all these account mentioned above then you can simply follow this list (@) instead of following each and every account. Here I haven’t given any account of employees @ Twitter. If you find any Twitter official account is missing please comment below with that account’s Twitter handle (Username) or if you think it is mentioned in wrong category.

*This accounts is not active anymore or not yet activated while writing this post
** This account is made private

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