Create Funny Photos Of Your Friends With Haribo TangFastics (TangFace)

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can make some funny photos of your friend. Haribo TangFastics is some kind of Kandy in think which is available in UK (United Kingdom), in one their advertisement it shows that when you eat it you start making funny faces with eye and mouth.

So they have also made a web app on it called Haribo TangFace by which you can also make your friend’s face look. Haribo TangFace lets you upload a photo from your computer or take directly from your webcam if you have. Then adjust that photo in given frame size so that it can get the face position, then you will get many funny animated mouth and eye that you can place on your friend’s face, you even increase, decrease and rotate them also. So that it can look perfect.

Haribo Tangfastics (TangFace)

After you have given funny looking mouth and eye, pull the lever and see the effect the real funny effect. After all done you can also post them on your Facebook wall.

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