Unplug Your Friends From Internet And Other E-Stuffs (Gadgets)

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you to unplug your friends with internet and there other e-stuffs (gadgets). If you know someone who always be on Twitter, Facebook, Internet or keep using some other gadgets and because of this you haven’t seen him or her from long time then you should Unplug Your Friends.

Google Takeout
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UnplugYourFriends.com is a website which will help you in inviting your friends, so that he or she can go out of this e-world and enjoy the real world.

Even I am also the one who be all time on internet but from few days I don’t be online all the time as you can see I am blogging less because I started spending time with my friends (real friends, not virtual) also.

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