When Did Your Friends (People You Follow) Join Twitter

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can find when your Twitter friends (people you follow) join Twitter. If you want to know when any particular person or people you follow join Twitter here I have a Twitter app for you called WDMFJT which means “When Did My Friends Join Twitter?”.

In WDMFJT you don’t even have to give authentication to your Twitter account. You can give anyone’s Twitter ID and find out when they joined and when their friends have joined.

After giving ID you will see two time line in different color, where lower one represents months and upper one represents date (the actually date they joined on). Click on any Twitter handle for more detailed information.

When Did My Friends Join Twitter

2 thoughts on “When Did Your Friends (People You Follow) Join Twitter”

  1. Hello Saket,
    this is a wonderful app but I don’t know why it doesn’t require authentication from Twitter because it is not an app developed by Twitter.

    1. TweetDeck is not developed by Twitter but it still required authentication.. Might be for some reason developer of WDMFJT don't want users authentication..

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