How To Use 10 Minute Mail To Help And Protect Your Self From Spam Emails

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can get temporary email address. Nowadays in which ever website we go most of them ask for a valid email address before you can use their services and some of them lid our email address to get lots spam emails.

So if you use Gmail then you can do is add or change the position of periods (dots) in your email address of Gmail and then add filters if you start getting spam. If you use Hotmail then you can use their Hotmail Alias feature. Else if you use some other email service or don’t want to give your email addresses in anyway then you can use a service called 10MinuteMail.

10 Minute Mail

10MinuteMail lets you have a temporary email address which stay alive for 10 minutes only then that email address won’t work anymore. When you visit their website you will get an auto generated temporary disposal email address, which you can use anywhere you want and after 10 minutes (from the time that email address is generated) that email address will stop working, if you feel that your work with that disposal email address didn’t got over and you time is running out then you can ask for extra 10 minutes.

All the emails you will receive in disposable email address before it gets expire will display in that page. After reading that email if you find that you to reply back to that email using the same email address in which you receive then you can simply do so by click on Reply To This Email link or if you need you can also forward that email to your personal email address.

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